Western Terminus:
Wilbur Cross Highway (I-84) in East Hartford
Eastern Terminus:
Boston Turnpike (US 6/US 44) in Bolton
8.53 miles
Hartford, Tolland

I-384 is a short east/west highway that splits off from the Wilbur Cross Highway (I-84) and runs east at the point where I-84 curves to the northeast toward Massachusetts. It bypasses Manchester and then ends after a short distance at Boston Turnpike (US 6/US 44) in Bolton, just before the two routes split.

I-384 was built as part of I-84, which would have continued through Connecticut and Rhode Island to end in Providence. The section of present-day I-84 beyond where it splits off was designated I-86 at the time. When the plans to extend I-84 to Providence were abandoned, I-84 was rerouted along what was until then I-86, and the section left behind by this change became I-384. As a result, there is no interstate highway directly connecting Hartford to Providence. The most direct route between the two cities is to follow I-384 to the end and then take US 6, which is mostly a surface road, for the remainder of the trip. In the decades since, the I-86 designation has been repurposed for an upgrade of NY 17 to become an interstate.

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