Connecticut Turnpike

Southern Terminus:
Connecticut Turnpike (I-95) in East Lyme
Northern Terminus:
Connecticut-Massachusetts state line
54.69 miles
New London, Windham

A few miles east of the Connecticut River, the Connecticut Turnpike leaves I-95 and runs north as I-395, while I-95 continues east toward Rhode Island. At exit 35 in Killingly, the Connecticut Turnpike splits off from I-395 to run east to US 6 at the Rhode Island border as the unsigned SR 695. I-395 continues north into Massachusetts.

Originally I-395 used an exit numbering scheme that continued the numbers from I-95, since both are considered to be part of the Connecticut Turnpike. It had the only three-digit exit numbers in the state. The exits have since been renumbered based on a milepost system, making it one of the few roads in the state to use such a system at this point.

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