Town Hill Road, Reservoir Road, East Hartland Road, Gavitt Road, Barkhamsted Road

Southern Terminus:
Litchfield Turnpike (US 202) in New Hartford
Northern Terminus:
Hartland Road (CT 20) in West Granby
14.98 miles
Litchfield, Hartford

CT 219 is a north/south route on the east side of the Barkhamsted Reservoir. It begins at Litchfield Turnpike (US 202) in New Hartford. After a couple of miles, it crosses Main Street (US 44) and changes names to become Reservoir Road. It runs along the east side of Lake McDonough to the eastern terminus of Saville Dam Road (CT 318), where it changes names to become East Hartland Road. It runs northeast to Barkhamsted, where it merges with North Canton Road (CT 179). The two routes are multiplexed for one block, and then CT 219 splits off onto Gavitt Road. It continues northeast to West Granby, where it ends at Hartland Road (CT 20).

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