Forestville Avenue, West Main Street, East Main Street, New Britain Avenue, Corbin Avenue, Farmington Avenue, Mill Street, Worthington Ridge Road, Berlin Road, West Street

Western Terminus:
CT 72 in Plainville
Eastern Terminus:
Main Street (CT 99) in Cromwell
14.95 miles
Hartford, Middlesex

CT 372 is mostly the old alignment of CT 72 from before the expressway portion of it was constructed. CT 372 splits off from CT 72 at the point where the expressway begins in Plainville and runs southeast through New Britain and Berlin to end at Main Street (CT 99) in Cromwell. Only West Street, the section east of where Berlin Road splits off to become SR 524, was designated CT 372 before the construction of the CT 72 expressway. The remainder of what is now CT 372 was then part of CT 72, as were SR 524 and the southern portion of CT 3.

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