Waterbury Road, West Main Street, Main Street, Academy Road, South Meriden Road, River Road, Hanover Avenue

Western Terminus:
Yankee Expressway (I-84) in Cheshire
Eastern Terminus:
Old Colony Road (CT 71) in Meriden
10.92 miles
New Haven

CT 70 is an east/west route in Cheshire and Meriden. It begins as Waterbury Road crosses the Yankee Expressway (I-84) and changes designation from SR 801 to CT 70. It runs southeast and merges with Cheshire Road (CT 68) to form West Main Street. The two routes follow West Main Street to where it ends and then turn onto Main Street, which is multiplexed with CT 10 to the south after a few blocks. After another couple of blocks, CT 68/CT 70 splits off onto Academy Road. The two routes are multiplexed for a little over a mile further and then split. CT 68 continues east as Yalesville Road, while CT 70 turns to the north as South Meriden Road. After a short distance, South Meriden Road curves back to the east and becomes River Road. It follows the Quinnipiac River to the area of Hanover Pond and then curves to the south to end at Main Street. CT 70 turns east onto Main Street and then south onto Hanover Avenue, which curves back to the east to end at Old Colony Road (CT 71).

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