Grist Mill Road, Main Avenue, Danbury Road, Ethan Allen Highway, Federal Road, Kent Road, South Main Street, North Main Street, Kent-Cornwall Road, Cornwall Bridge Road, Sharon Canaan Road, Lime Rock Road, South Canaan Road, High Street, Elm Street, Railroad Street, Ashley Falls Road

Southern Terminus:
Connecticut Turnpike (I-95) in Norwalk
Northern Terminus:
Connecticut-Massachusetts state line
78.29 miles
Fairfield, Litchfield

US 7 is the major north/south route in western Connecticut. It begins at the Connecticut Turnpike (I-95) in Norwalk as a short expressway with no name. The expressway runs north through Norwalk and ends just north of the Merritt Parkway (CT 15) at Grist Mill Road. US 7 runs east along Grist Mill Road for two blocks to its end at Main Avenue. US 7 turns north again onto Main Avenue. Main Avenue changes names to become Danbury Road and then Ethan Allen Highway. In Danbury, US 7 becomes an expressway again. A short distance to the north, US 7 is multiplexed with the Yankee Expressway (I-84) for a few exits. When it splits off, US 7 continues north as an expressway to Federal Road (US 202) in Brookfield. US 7 is multiplexed with US 202 along Federal Road and Danbury Road to New Milford. There, US 7 and US 202 split. US 7 continues north along local streets to the Connecticut-Massachusetts state line. It continues through Massachusetts and Vermont to end at I-89 just south of the Canadian border.

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