Emmorton Road, Main Street, Rock Spring Road

Southern Terminus:
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway (MD 24) in Abingdon
Northern Terminus:
Bel Air Bypass (US 1/MD 24) and Rock Spring Road (MD 24) in Bel Air
7.39 miles

MD 924 is the designation for the local roads bypassed by Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway (MD 24). It begins at MD 24 just north of the interchange with the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway (I-95). It is known as Emmorton Road until the downtown area of Bel Air, where it follows a pair of parallel one-way street. Northbound traffic follows Main Street, while southbound traffic follows Bond Street and Kenmore Avenue. Heading out of town, the northbound and southbound lanes merge back together to become Rock Spring Road. After about a mile, MD 924 ends at an interchange with the Bel Air Bypass (US 1). MD 24 is routed along the bypass in this area, but it splits off at this interchange and turns north onto Rock Spring Road.

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