Main Street, Mendham Road West, West Main Street, East Main Street, Mendham Road, Washington Street, Morris Street, Morris Avenue, Lafayette Avenue, Columbia Turnpike, South Orange Avenue, Springfield Avenue, Market Street

Western Terminus:
North Road (CR 513) and Main Street (CR 513) in Chester
Eastern Terminus:
McCarter Highway (NJ 21) in Newark
29.58 miles
Morris, Essex

CR 510 is an east/west route extending from Chester to Newark. It begins at CR 513 and runs east to Morristown, where it is multiplexed with US 202 around the Morristown Green. A couple of blocks past the green, CR 510 splits into a pair of one-way streets. Eastbound traffic follows Morris Street, while westbound traffic follows Lafayette Avenue. In this area, there is an interchange with I-287. The eastbound and westbound lanes then come back together to form Columbia Turnpike, which runs southeast to Livingston, where it becomes South Orange Avenue. CR 510 follows South Orange Avenue across the South Mountain Reservation and through South Orange to Newark, where it ends at Springfield Avenue, which is designated Essex CR 603 west of this point. CR 510 follows Springfield Avenue east for a couple of blocks to where it ends at Market Street and then follows Market Street to the McCarter Highway (NJ 21).

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