Kingwood-Stockton Road, Kingwood Road, Palmyra Corner Road, Little York-Mount Pleasant Road, Milford-Mount Pleasant Road, Frenchtown Road, Water Street, Milford-Warren Glen Road, Third Avenue, Hawk Avenue, St. James Avenue, Uniontown Road, Belvidere Road, Phillipsburg-Belvidere Road, Hope-Bridgeville Road, High Street, Johnsonburg Road, Dark Moon Road, Hibler Road, Wintermute Road, Ridge Road, West End Avenue, Mill Street, Morris Turnpike, Newton Avenue, Wantage Avenue, Greenville Road

Southern Terminus:
NJ 29 in Stockton
Northern Terminus:
Mountain Road (Orange CR 55) at the New York-New Jersey state line
88.54 miles
Hunterdon, Warren, Sussex

CR 519 is the longest 500 series route in New Jersey. It is a north/south route that runs from NJ 29 near the Delaware River in Stockton to the New York border just east in Port Jervis, where it becomes Mountain Road (Orange CR 55). Despite its length, it is entirely a two-lane undivided road through rural surroundings on which one can travel for many miles without encountering a single traffic light.

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