Stokes Road, Main Street, North Main Street, Medford-Mount Holly Road, Mount Holly Bypass, Burlington-Mount Holly Road, Mount Holly Road, High Street

Southern Terminus:
US 206 in Shamong
Northern Terminus:
US 130 in Burlington
23.84 miles

CR 541 is a north/south route in Burlington County. The southernmost section is a two-lane undivided road called Stokes Road, which extends from US 206 in Shamong to Medford, where it changes names to become Main Street and then North Main Street. At NJ 70, North Main Street changes names again to become Medford-Mount Holly Road. In Lumberton, CR 541 becomes known as Main Street again. After a couple of miles, it turns off onto Mount Holly Bypass, a four-lane divided road with jughandles. Mount Holly Bypass runs north, passing to the west of the main business district of Mount Holly. After a couple of miles, Mount Holly Bypass ends and CR 541 turns onto Burlington-Mount Holly Road, also a four-lane divided road. There are interchanges with the New Jersey Turnpike (NJ 700) and I-295. North of the highways, CR 541 narrows down to become a two-lane undivided road again, changing names to become Mount Holly Road and then High Street. It ends at US 130 in Burlington.

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