Phillipsburg-Newark Expressway, New Jersey Turnpike, 12th Street, 14th Street, Holland Tunnel

Westbound Views (Archived)

This picture shows the exit from the Holland Tunnel as it appeared in 2007. A new overhead "Welcome to Jersey City" sign was since installed.
Photo taken December 2007.
These photographs show 14th Street in Jersey City when the split for the Pulaski Skyway (NJ 139) was being reconstructed.
Photos taken December 2007.
These signs used to mark the end of the Newark Bay Extension of the New Jersey Turnpike at the turnpike's mainline. They have all been replaced.
Photos taken 2012-2015.
These pictures show the Newark Bay Bridge as it appeared before construction work began.
Photos taken November 2015.
These pictures show the local lanes of the Phillipsburg-Newark Expressway as they appeared while construction work was in progress. At the time, they were narrowed down to two lanes in areas where there are normally three. The signs for exit 56 have since been replaced with new ones indicating that it is a left exit.
Photos taken 2012-2013.

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