Ridge Road, Rutherford Avenue

Southern Terminus:
Belleville Turnpike (NJ 7) in North Arlington
Northern Terminus:
New York-New Jersey state line
27.20 miles

NJ 17 is a major north/south route in northern New Jersey. It begins at Belleville Turnpike (NJ 7) in North Arlington. The first section is a two-lane local street called Ridge Road, which runs north until just south of the Secaucus Bypass (NJ 3) in Lyndhurst. NJ 17 then turns east onto Rutherford Avenue for a short distance and then turns to the north again. The next section, which makes up most of NJ 17, is a four- to six-lane divided highway. Most of the interchanges along the highway are grade-separated, but it is not technically limited-access because there are stores along the side of the road. The highway runs diagonally to the northwest to Mahwah near the New York-New Jersey state line. There, the highway merges into I-287 at its last interchange in New Jersey. NJ 17 continues north, multiplexed with I-287, to the border, where it becomes NY 17.

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