Hoes Lane, Centennial Avenue

Southern Terminus:
NJ 138 in Wall
Northern Terminus:
I-287 in Piscataway
47.92 miles
Monmouth, Middlesex

NJ 18 is a major highway in New Jersey, extending from NJ 138 to Rutgers University in Piscataway. The southern portion is a freeway. Further north, it has a combination of grade-separated interchanges and traffic lights. The section in the New Brunswick is a freeway again. In Piscataway, the freeway ends and becomes Hoes Lane, a four-lane divided surface road. Hoes Lane ends at Centennial Avenue, changing names to become Old New Brunswick Road. NJ 18 turns west onto Centennial Avenue for a short distance, following it to exit 8 of I-287, where NJ 18 ends.

NJ 18 was planned to extend several miles south of where it currently begins to the junction of NJ 34, NJ 35, and NJ 70. Therefore, the exit numbers of the freeway begin at 6. The remaining exit number here reserved for the unbuilt section.

The southern portion of NJ 18 is sometimes known as the Monmouth Freeway, while the portion in New Brunswick is sometimes known as Memorial Parkway. These names are not widely used and are not posted on any signs.

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