Pompton Avenue, Newark Pompton Turnpike, Hamburg Turnpike, Hamburg Avenue, Mill Street, Clove Avenue

Southern Terminus:
Bloomfield Avenue (CR 506) and Prospect Avenue (CR 577) in Verona
Northern Terminus:
Clove Road (Orange CR 15) at the New York-New Jersey state line
52.63 miles
Essex, Passaic, Morris, Sussex

NJ 23 is a diagonal north/south route in New Jersey, extending from the New York suburbs to the northwest corner of the state. The first section is a four-lane undivided road with traffic lights called Pompton Avenue. Prospect Avenue (CR 577) becomes Pompton Avenue at its intersection with Bloomfield Avenue (CR 506) in Verona. It extends north to Wayne, where there is an interchange with US 46 and I-80. North of this interchange, NJ 23 becomes a large divided highway known as Newark Pompton Turnpike and Hamburg Turnpike with a mixture of traffic lights, jughandles, and grade-separated interchanges. The divided highway eventually peters out in Stockholm, and the road narrows down to become a two-lane undivided road. It continues northwest and eventually crosses the state line to Port Jervis, New York. I-84 is just over the border. In New York, NJ 23 becomes Orange CR 15, which ends after about a quarter of a mile at US 6.

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