Nassau Street, Princeton-Kingston Road, Somerset Street, French Street, Albany Street, Raritan Avenue, Lincoln Highway, Essex Avenue, Lake Avenue, Middlesex Avenue, St. Georges Avenue, Rahway Avenue, Cherry Street, Chilton Street, Westfield Avenue, North Broad Street, Newark Avenue, Frelinghuysen Avenue, Poinier Street

Southern Terminus:
Stockton Street (US 206) and Bayard Lane (US 206) in Princeton
Northern Terminus:
McCarter Highway (NJ 21) in Newark
38.53 miles
Mercer, Somerset, Middlesex, Union, Essex

NJ 27 is a major north/south route in New Jersey extending from Princeton to Newark. It runs northwest of and parallel to US 1. NJ 27 is routed along local streets and is a two- to four-lane undivided road in most places, while US 1 is a large divided highway with grade separations and jughandles. The entire length of NJ 27 was once part of the Lincoln Highway, one of the first cross-country signed routes, extending from New York City to San Francisco and dating back to the early twentieth century before route numbers were introduced.

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