Main Street, Ocean Avenue, Princeton Avenue, Post Road, Princeton Post Road, Ocean Road

Western Terminus:
Madison Avenue (US 9) in Lakewood
Eastern Terminus:
Cincinnati Avenue (NJ 35) and Sea Avenue (NJ 35) in Point Pleasant
10.02 miles

NJ 88 is an east/west route extending from Lakewood to Point Pleasant. It begins at Madison Avenue (US 9) as a two-lane road called Main Street. After a few blocks, it changes names to become Ocean Avenue. Ocean Avenue extends several miles to the east, passing under the Garden State Parkway (NJ 444) without an interchange. It ends at a five-way intersection with NJ 70 in Brick. NJ 88 turns onto Princeton Post Road at this point. However, due to the complexity of the five-way intersection, eastbound traffic must travel one block southeast on Princeton Avenue and one block north on Post Road to reach it. Princeton Post Road continues to the east, eventually changing names to become Ocean Road. It ends at NJ 35 in Point Pleasant. Almost all of NJ 88 is a two-lane undivided road, except for a few short sections around major intersections where it becomes wider for a very short distance.

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