High Street, Water Street, Hampton House Road, North Church Road, Ames Boulevard, Vernon Avenue, McAfee-Vernon Road, Vernon-Warwick Road

Southern Terminus:
North Delaware Drive (PA 611) in Portland
Northern Terminus:
NY 94 at the New York-New Jersey state line
45.94 miles
Warren, Sussex

NJ 94 is a diagonal north/south route in the northwestern portion of New Jersey. It begins at the Delaware Water Gap, where there is a bridge from Portland, Pennsylvania, to Columbia, New Jersey. On the New Jersey side of the river, there is an interchange with I-80. US 46 begins at this interchange. NJ 94 runs northeast to Newton. It is multiplexed with US 206 along Hampton House Road for a few miles to the north. It then splits off to the east for a few miles to Lafayette, where it is multiplexed with NJ 15 for one block before splitting off again. NJ 94 continues to the northeast through Hamburg and Vernon to the New York-New Jersey state line, where it becomes NY 94.

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