Trenton Freeway, Brunswick Pike, Pulaski Skyway, Tonnele Avenue, Broad Avenue
Northbound Views (Archived)
These signs used to mark the exit for Strawberry Street (Business US 1) and Lawrence Road (US 206) from the Trenton Freeway. They have been replaced.
Photo taken May 2015.
These signs with all-capital lettering used to mark the exit for Whitehead Road (CR 648) from the Trenton Freeway. The first sign has been removed with a new one that uses mixed-case lettering, which the second has been removed.
Photos taken May 2015.
These pictures show US 1 in the area where the Trenton Freeway ends as it appeared while construction work was in progress here.
Photos taken April 2019.
These temporary detour signs were found on US 1/US 9 in Newark while construction work was in progress to rehabilitate the Pulaski Skyway.
Photos taken July 2018.
These pictures show the Pulaski Skyway right after it opened following the reconstruction. There have been some minor changes in signage since then.
Photos taken July 2018.