Midtown Tunnel, Long Island Expressway
Eastbound Views (Archived)
These signs used to mark exits 22A-E when travelling east. In 2010, they were replaced with new signs with "Exit Only" arrows.
Photos taken July 2010.
These old button-copy signs used to mark exits 23-29 when travelling east. They were all replaced with new reflective signs in 2010.
Photos taken August 2008.
These signs used to mark the former exit 27. They have been replaced with new signs that refer to exits 27N-S.
Photos taken May 2004.
This is the Long Island Expressway (I-495) between exits 32 and 40 during the construction of the HOV lane in this section.
Photos taken 2003-2004.
These signs used to mark the beginning of the HOV lane at exit 32. They have been replaced.
Photos taken June 2008.
These pictures show the expressway at exits 48-49 as it appeared while construction work was in progress to replace the overpass at Walt Whitman Road.
Photos taken November 2019.
The signs shown in these pictures were found on the expressway eastbound in Nassau and Suffolk counties. They were all replaced in 2013.
Photos taken 2004-2011.
These old signs for exit 42, which say "Passenger Cars Only," were replaced with new signs that say "No Commercial Vehicles."
Photos taken 2003-2005.
These HOV lane signs have all been replaced with new ones that make reference to Clean Pass vehicles.
Photos taken July-November 2005.
This sign, which used to mark exit 62 when travelling east, has been replaced with a new sign that has an "Exit Only" arrow.
Photo taken November 2005.