Herricks Road, Shelter Rock Road
Southbound Views (Archived)
These signs used to mark the interchange with the Long Island Expressway (I-495). They have been replaced.
Photos taken August 2009.
This sign remained through 2018 by was replaced by 2019.
Photo taken August 2009.
This "Passenger Cars Only" sign no longer exists. It was replaced with a new "No Commercial Vehicles" sign.
Photo taken August 2009.
This "No Commercial Vehicles" sign was replaced with one that has smaller tabs.
Photo taken July 2018.
These pictures show Herricks Road at Jericho Turnpike (NY 25) as it appeared in 2006. In the time since, the overhead lane usage signs have been removed, the route sign has been replaced with one that includes compass directions, and the traffic light has been replaced.
Photos taken May 2006.
This picture shows the traffic light at Rockaway Avenue as it appeared prior to the installation of chevron signs.
Photo taken March 2020.