Richmond Avenue, Morningstar Road

Southern Terminus:
Hylan Boulevard on Staten Island
Northern Terminus:
Richmond Terrace on Staten Island
7.81 miles

Richmond Avenue is a major north/south route on Staten Island. It extends from Hylan Boulevard to Forest Avenue. Between the Korean War Veterans Parkway and Victory Boulevard, it is a six-lane divided road. Elsewhere, it has four lanes and is undivided. North of Forest Avenue, Richmond Avenue becomes Morningstar Road, a two-lane undivided road that extends north a short distance to end at Richmond Terrace.

Prior to the construction of the West Shore Expressway and the Willowbrook Expressway (which is now the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Expressway), NY 440 followed Richmond Avenue and Morningstar Road between the Outerbridge Crossing and the Bayonne Bridge. At that time, a street called Drumgoole Boulevard, which has been replaced by the Korean War Veterans Parkway, carried NY 440 from the Outerbridge Crossing to Richmond Avenue.

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