Rockaway Boulevard

Western Terminus:
Eldert Lane at the Brooklyn-Queens county line
Eastern Terminus:
Rockaway Turnpike (Nassau CR 257) at the Queens-Nassau county line
7.87 miles

Rockaway Boulevard is a major road running diagonally through the southern half of Queens. It begins at Eldert Lane, a small one-way street that runs along the border between Queens and Brooklyn. For its first few blocks, Rockaway Boulevard is a small two-lane undivided road. When it crosses Atlantic Avenue, it widens to four lanes. Rockaway Boulevard runs southeast through Queens, crossing the Van Wyck Expressway (I-678) and the Belt Parkway. Just south of the parkway, the Queens segment of the Nassau Expressway (NY 878) ends at Rockaway Boulevard. Rockaway Boulevard becomes a six-lane divided road at this point and continues southeast to the Queens-Nassau border, where it becomes Rockaway Turnpike (Nassau CR 257).

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