West 125 Street, East 125 Street

Western Terminus:
Henry Hudson Parkway (NY 9A) in Manhattan
Eastern Terminus:
1 Avenue, FDR Drive, and Willis Avenue Bridge in Manhattan
2.05 miles
New York

125 Street is a major east/west street in the Harlem section of Manhattan. It is known as West 125 Street to the west of 5 Avenue and as East 125 Street to the east. The entire length is a four-lane undivided road. It is alternatively known as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in honor of the civil rights leader. There is a full interchange with the Henry Hudson Parkway (NY 9A) at the western terminus. The eastern terminus of 125 Street is at the northern terminus of 1 Avenue. There are ramps leading to the FDR Drive and the Willis Avenue Bridge. Since 1 Avenue is a northbound one-way street, all motorists travelling east on 125 Street must get on either the highway or the bridge when they reach the end. There is also access to the RFK Bridge (I-278) a block west of the eastern terminus.

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