Cross Bronx Expressway, Bruckner Expressway, New England Thruway
Northbound Views (Archived)
These signs are found on the George Washington Bridge coming into New York. Both having been modified since these pictures were taken. The "Right Lane Must Exit" tab has been removed from the first sign, while a no trucks sign has been installed on the second.
Photos taken October 2014.
These pictures show exit 4A of the Cross Bronx Expressway as it appeared before the Sheridan Expressway (I-895) was converted into Sheridan Boulevard (NY 895).
Photos taken October 2018.
This sign used to mark the beginning of the New England Thruway. It has been replaced.
Photo taken August 2005.
These signs used to mark exits 7C-12. They have all been replaced.
Photos taken 2006-2007.
Going even further back in time, two of the three signs shown were gone prior to the replacement of the entire sign assembly. The leftmost sign had been removed. (Why did they do that? It was a good sign.) The middle sign had been replaced.
Photo taken April 2006.
These photographs show the New England Thruway northbound at exit 16 while construction work was in progress on this section. The second-to-last sign for exit 16 has since been replaced.
Photos taken April 2006.
These pictures show the same area a few years later when the construction was completed. These signs shown have since been replaced.
Photos taken June 2009.
These pictures show the tollbooth that stood between exit 16 and exit 17 before cashless tolling was instituted in 2019.
Photos taken April 2006.
These pictures show the same area a few years later when the toll had been raised.
Photos taken January 2010.
These pictures show the area of the toll as it appeared after the cashless tolling gantry had been installed but before the old tollbooth had been fully demolished.
Photos taken May 2019.
This sign has been replaced with a new one on which there is a box around the name of Fenimore Road.
Photo taken April 2006.
These signs for exit 21 have been replaced to reflect the renaming of the Tappan Zee Bridge to become the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge.
Photos taken April 2006.

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