FDR Drive

Southbound Views (Archived)

An exit number tab has been added to this sign for East 106 Street.
Photo taken May 2006.
These pictures show the FDR Drive at exit 14 prior to construction work in 2010 that moved the exit ramp slightly to the north of where it was when the photographs were taken.
Photos taken May 2006.
This picture shows the FDR Drive at exit 14 after the completion of the construction work to move back the exit ramp. At the time, an "Exit Closed" sign covered the old sign for exit 14 and a temporary orange sign marked the new exit location. Several months after the picture was taken, the old sign for exit 14 was blanked out altogether and a new temporary orange sign that simply reads "Exit" was installed.
Photos taken September 2010.
These pictures show the FDR Drive southbound at exit 2 as it appeared before the lanes were reconfigured to make the right two lanes exit only.
Photos taken December 2004.
The left-hand sign on this sign bridge replaced a sign for the Hugh L. Carey Tunnel (I-478), then known as the Battery Tunnel, and stood for a short time before being replaced again when the lanes were reconfigured to make the two right lanes exit only. Presumably, the old sign led some motorists to mistakenly believe that they would wind up in the tunnel if they did not use exit 2.
Photo taken January 2012.

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