Marcy-SUNYIT Parkway, Edic Road

Southern Terminus:
Utica-Rome Expressway (NY 49) and River Road in Marcy
Northern Terminus:
Glass Factory Road (CR 36) in Marcy
2.43 miles

CR 34 is a north/south route in Marcy that provides access to the campus of SUNYIT and connects to the Utica-Rome Expressway (NY 49). It begins at the intersection of a ramp from the expressway with River Road, which was the old alignment on NY 49 before the expressway was constructed. The first section is a four-lane divided highway called Marcy-SUNYIT Parkway. There are two roundabouts along the parkway, the first of which is at Technology Drive, which serves as the entrance to the SUNYIT campus. At the second roundabout, the parkway ends. CR 34 continues north as a two-lane undivided road called Edic Road to Glass Factory Road (CR 36), which it ends.

Marcy-SUNYIT Parkway is a relatively recent development, completed in 2012. Prior to its construction, CR 34 followed Edic Road south all the way to River Road. This portion of Edic Road is now under the jurisdiction of the Town of Marcy.

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