Bay Parkway

Eastern Terminus:
Wantagh Parkway at the Jones Beach Theater
Western Terminus:
West End Beaches at Jones Beach
1.83 miles

Perhaps the most obscure parkway on Long Island, the Bay Parkway is located entirely within Jones Beach State Park. It provides access to the West End Beaches, the Jones Beach Theater, the fishing piers, and the Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center, as well as several parking fields. Like the Ocean Parkway, the Bay Parkway has its exits on only one side of the road and has a series of turnarounds to allow vehicles travelling in one direction to access the exits on the other side. The Bay Parkway is maintained by the New York State Department of Parks and Recreation (as opposed to the New York State Department of Transportation, which maintains all other parkways on Long Island and most other parkways in the state). The Bay Parkway is also the only parkway on Long Island that does not have a route symbol.

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