Bear Mountain Parkway

Western Terminus:
Croton Expressway (US 6/US 9/US 202) in Peekskill
Eastern Terminus:
Taconic Parkway in Yorktown Heights
6.68 miles

The Bear Mountain Parkway is an east/west highway connecting the approach to the Bear Mountain Bridge (US 6/US 202) with the Taconic Parkway. It begins at a traffic light at the northern end of the Croton Expressway (US 9) in Peekskill and runs east for several miles until it reaches the Taconic Parkway. It is unusual for a parkway in that it has two lanes in most places, much of it is undivided, and it has a number of at-grade intersections and traffic lights. There is a piece of the parkway that was never built, leaving two separate sections that are connected by Crompond Road (US 202/NY 35).

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