Southern Tier Expressway, Quickway, Averell Avenue, Orange Turnpike
Ramp Views (Archived)
These pictures show exit 131 before the conversion to cashless tolling. There was a tollbooth with lanes for vehicles coming from both directions of the Thruway, and the exit number for exit 131 was not posted when travelling in this direction.
Photos taken September 2010.
These pictures show the same area as it appeared almost a decade later. At the time, the toll for motorists coming from the south had been converted to cashless tolling, but motorists coming from the north still passed through a tollbooth a handed in their tickets. The old signage for exit 131 had been taken down and replaced by temporary orange signs.
Photos taken August 2019.
A year later, the tollbooth for motorists coming from the northbound side of the Thruway had been demolished, but the tollbooth for motorists coming from the southbound side was still standing.
Photos taken November 2020.
These pictures show the ramp for exit 131 as it appeared prior to the reconstruction of the interchange. The overhead signs that were presented have been taken down and replaced with ground-mounted signs.
Photos taken October 2014.
Prior to cashless tolling on the New York Thruway (I-87), motorists entering the Thruway from the Quickway passed through this tollbooth. It has since been replaced with cashless tolling gantries.
Photos taken September 2010.