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Southern Terminus:
Quickway (NY 17/Future I-86) and Averell Avenue (NY 17) in Harriman
Northern Terminus:
Maple Street (NY 196) in Hudson Falls
176.50 miles
Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Greene, Albany, Saratoga, Warren, Washington

NY 32 is a north/south route through the Hudson Valley. Averell Avenue (NY 17) becomes NY 32 at the Quickway (NY 17/Future I-86) in Harriman, near exit 16 of the New York Thruway (I-87). It runs north, passing through the same general area as the Thruway and crossing it several times. In most areas, it is several miles to the west of US 9W, although the two routes are multiplexed in some areas. NY 32 is routed through Albany along South Pearl Street, North Pearl Street, and Broadway. In this area, it runs parallel to I-787. NY 787, the continuation of I-787, has its northern terminus at NY 32 in Cohoes. NY 32 continues north to Hudson Falls, where it ends at Maple Street (NY 196).

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