Main Street, Broad Street, Crompond Road, Saw Mill River Road, Amawalk Road, Woods Bridge Road, Cross River Road, Old Post Road

Western Terminus:
Croton Expressway (US 9) in Peekskill
Eastern Terminus:
South Salem Road (CT 35) at the New York-Connecticut state line
24.63 miles

NY 35 is an east/west route crossing Westchester County toward the northern end of the county. It begins at the Croton Expressway (US 9) in Peekskill and is multiplexed with US 202 along Main Street, Broad Street, Crompond Road, and Saw Mill River Road for its first few miles. At the northern end of Saw Mill River Road, the two routes split. US 202 turns north onto Tomahawk Street, while NY 35 continues east on Amawalk Road. After a couple of miles, Amawalk Road crosses Somerstown Road (NY 100) and changes names to become Woods Bridge Road. About a mile to the east, Woods Bridge Road splits off to become a local street. NY 35 continues east as Cross River Road, and there is an interchange with I-684. Cross River Road runs east along the north side of the Cross River Reservoir to Cross River, where it ends at Old Post Road (NY 121). NY 35 is multiplexed with NY 121 along Old Post Road for about half a mile, and then the two routes split. NY 121 turns north onto North Salem Road, while NY 35 continues east along Old Post Road to the New York-Connecticut state line, where it becomes South Salem Road (CT 35).

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