Wright Drive, Hill Road, Mohawk Drive, East Chestnut Street

Southern Terminus:
Utica-Rome Expressway (NY 49) in Rome
Northern Terminus:
Black River Boulevard (NY 46) in Rome
2.61 miles

NY 825 is the main roadway through the Griffiss Business and Technology Park, an office park in Rome built on the site of what was once Griffiss Air Force Base. It begins at an interchange with the Utica-Rome Expressway (NY 49) and runs north as a four-lane divided highway for about half a mile to a traffic circle at Ellsworth Road. North of the circle, the median ends and NY 825 narrows down to two lanes. It then curves to the west and continues for about another mile to end at Black River Boulevard (NY 46). NY 825 begins as Wright Drive and changes names three times over its short length to become Hill Road, Mohawk Drive, and East Chestnut Street. It is also alternatively known as the Griffiss Veterans Memorial Parkway.

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