Pike Street, East Main Street, Slate Hill Road, Quickway, Long Mountain Parkway, Palisades Parkway, Bear Mountain Bridge, Bear Mountain Bridge Road, Main Street, Birdsall Road, Carmel Avenue, North Main Street, Danbury Road

Western Terminus:
New York-Pennsylvania state line
Eastern Terminus:
New York-Connecticut state line
78.09 miles
Orange, Rockland, Westchester, Putnam

US 6 is a major east/west route crossing the country from Bishop, California, to Provincetown, Massachusetts. It is one of the longest routes in the country, longer than any interstate highway. It crosses the Delaware River and enters New York from Pennsylvania in Port Jervis. It runs northeast along Pike Street for a few blocks and then turns south onto East Main Street. After about a mile, East Main Street turns to the east and changes names to become Slate Hill Road. Heading out of Port Jervis, US 6 becomes an unnamed road. It runs east, just south of I-84, to the vicinity of Middletown.

US 6 is multiplexed with NY 17M from New Hampton to Goshen and then with NY 17/Future I-86 along the Quickway from Goshen to Harriman. It splits off from the Quickway at its second to last exit. The next few miles of US 6 are known as the Long Mountain Parkway. This section is a super-2, a two-lane undivided limited-access highway. The Long Mountain Parkway ends at the Palisades Parkway. US 6 is routed along the Palisades Parkway for a little over a mile to its northern terminus. It then crosses the Hudson River on the Bear Mountain Bridge, multiplexed with US 202. On the other side, it follows Bear Mountain Bridge Road for a couple of miles to US 9. It is multiplexed with US 9 for one exit. It then splits off and follows Main Street through Peekskill and East Main Street through Shrub Oak and Jefferson Valley. US 6 continues northeast through Mahopac and Carmel and then east to Brewster, where it merges with US 202 again. US 6/US 202 has an interchange with I-684 at its northern terminus before crossing the state line to Danbury, Connecticut.

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