Fifth Avenue, Wicks Road, Crooked Hill Road

Southern Terminus:
Montauk Highway (NY 27A) in Bay Shore
Northern Terminus:
Commack Road (CR 4) in Brentwood
7.58 miles

CR 13 is a north/south route extending from Bay Shore to Brentwood. It begins at Montauk Highway (NY 27A) and is known as Fifth Avenue. For the first few blocks, Fifth Avenue is a northbound one-way street. It then merges with Clinton Avenue (CR 13A), a southbound one-way street. It continues north, mostly as a four-lane undivided road, although there is a median for a short distance in some areas. There are interchanges with Sunrise Highway (NY 27) and the Southern Parkway. At Suffolk Avenue (CR 100), it changes names to become Wicks Road. After a few blocks, the roadway splits. CR 13 splits curves to the northwest to become Crooked Hill Road, while Wicks Road continues north as CR 7. Crooked Hill Road has an interchange with the Sagtikos Parkway at exit S2 and crosses the Long Island Expressway (I-495) without an interchange. About half a mile past the expressway, Crooked Hill Road ends at Commack Road (CR 4).

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