Farragut Avenue

Southern Terminus:
Farragut Parkway in Hastings-on-Hudson
Northern Terminus:
Broadway (US 9) in Hastings-on-Hudson
0.74 miles

Farragut Avenue runs diagonally between the Saw Mill Parkway and Broadway (US 9). It is a two-lane road, part divided and part undivided. At its southern terminus, there is access to only the southbound lanes of the Saw Mill Parkway. A short connector called the Farragut Parkway extends from Farragut Avenue to a point on the Saw Mill Parkway one exit to the south, where there is a traffic light and hence access to both the northbound and the southbound lanes. The portion of Farragut Avenue north of the Farragut Parkway is maintained by the county and designated CR 151.

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