Staunton-Parkersburg Turnpike, Seneca Trail, North Randolph Avenue, Junior-Philippi-Grafton Road, Crim Avenue, South Main Street, North Main Street, Beverly Fairmont Pike, Webster Pike, Trap Springs Road, White Hall Boulevard, Fairmont Avenue, Adam Street, Quincy Street, Jackson Street, Cleveland Avenue, Husky Highway, East Main Street, West Main Street, Hornet Highway, Dragon Highway, Maple Avenue, Waynesburg Pike, First Street, Jefferson Avenue, Wheeling Avenue
Southbound Views
US 33/US 219/US 250 leaves Corridor H and runs south toward Elkins along North Randolph Avenue, a two-lane undivided road.
Photos taken May 2016.
Welcome to Elkins!
Photos taken May 2016.
North Randolph Avenue ends at a traffic light at WV 92, for which there is poor signage. Turn right onto Harrison Avenue to go north. Turn left onto Seneca Trail to go south and to stay on US 33/US 219/US 250. Railroad Avenue is straight ahead.
Photos taken May 2016.
East to Virginia

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