Washington Boulevard, Cold Spring Road, High Ridge Road
Southbound Views
High Ridge Road runs south through Stamford as a two-lane undivided road.
Photos taken August 2008.
High Ridge Road widens to four lanes. There is an interchange with the Merritt Parkway (CT 15).
Photos taken August 2008.
South of the parkway, the area is more commercial.
Photos taken August 2008.
Turn right onto Cold Spring Road at the second traffic light to stay on CT 137. High Ridge Road continues straight ahead as a local street.
Photo taken August 2008.
Skipping a short distance, Washington Boulevard runs south through Stamford as a four-lane divided road.
Photos taken August 2008.
CT 137 ends at Tresser Boulevard (US 1). Washington Boulevard continues straight ahead as the unsigned SSR 493. The signage here treats SSR 493 as if it were part of CT 137, even though it is not.
Photos taken 2008-2013.