Hurffville Road, Clements Bridge Road, Highland Avenue, Chews Landing Road, Kings Highway

Southern Terminus:
Delsea Drive (NJ 47) and Egg Harbor Road (Gloucester CR 630) in Deptford
Northern Terminus:
Kings Highway (Burlington CR 611) in Maple Shade
14.08 miles

NJ 41 is a north/south route in the suburbs of Philadelphia. It begins at Delsea Drive (NJ 47) and Egg Harbor Road (Gloucester CR 630) in Deptford. The first section is a two-lane undivided road called Hurffville Road, which runs north to an interchange with the North-South Freeway (NJ 42). Just past the interchange, Hurffville Road ends and merges into Clements Bridge Road (CR 544). The two routes are multiplexed across a small bridge over Big Timber Creek. On the other side, they split. NJ 41 continues along Clements Bridge Road, while CR 544 splits off onto Evesham Road.

Clements Bridge Road runs northeast and crosses the New Jersey Turnpike (NJ 700) and I-295, but there is no interchange with either highway. Immediately thereafter, it crosses White Horse Pike (US 30) and changes names to become Highland Avenue, which runs north through Haddonfield and changes names again to become Chews Landing Road. After a short distance, Chews Landing Road merges into Kings Highway, which is designated Spur CR 511 to the south of this point. In Cherry Hill, Kings Highway widens to four lanes and crosses Marlton Pike (NJ 70). It continues north to Maple Shade, where there is an interchange with Kaighns Avenue (NJ 38) and NJ 73. Just beyond the interchange, NJ 41 ends, and Kings Highway changes designation to become Burlington CR 611.

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