Major Deegan Expressway, New York Thruway, Northway
Northbound Views
From this point on the exits are spaced 10-20 miles apart along the Thruway, but there is great scenery.
Photos taken August 2019.
Exit 16 is for the Quickway (US 6/NY 17/Future I-86). There was a toll plaza here prior to the recent conversion to cashless tolling. To access the exit, bear right into what were the cash lanes, where all traffic is now forced to exit. To continue north on the Thruway, bear left into what were the E-ZPass lanes for a cashless tolling gantry.
Photos taken 2021-2022.
North of the gantry, the Thruway narrows down to two lanes in each direction.
Photos taken October 2022.
Exit 17 is for I-84, Union Avenue (NY 300), and NY 17K.
Photos taken October 2022.
North to Ulster County