West 96 Street, East 96 Street

Eastbound Views

West 96 Street begins at the Henry Hudson Parkway (NY 9A). At the very beginning, an overpass carries Riverside Drive over West 96 Street.
Photo taken April 2011.
After the overpass, West 96 Street widens to four lanes. There is an oversized street name sign at West End Avenue.
Photos taken April 2011.
West 96 Street intersects Broadway at a traffic light.
Photo taken July 2017.
West 96 Street runs east across the Upper West Side as a four-lane undivided road. There are oversized street name signs at Amsterdam Avenue and Columbus Avenue.
Photos taken February 2011.
West 96 Street ends at Central Park West. There is an oversized street name sign marking the intersection.
Photos taken February 2011.
On the other side of Central Park West, the roadway splits. Bear right for Park Drive south. Bear left for the transverse road across Central Park to the East Side.
Photo taken February 2011.
The transverse road is a super-2, a two-lane undivided limited-access highway, crossing Central Park. There are a couple of overpasses, but no exits.
Photos taken June 2012.
The transverse road ends here at 5 Avenue. There is a traffic light with an oversized street name sign. East 96 Street is straight ahead.
Photos taken June 2012.
East 96 Street runs east as a four-lane undivided road. There are traffic lights with oversized street name signs at Madison Avenue, Park Avenue, Lexington Avenue, 3 Avenue, and 1 Avenue. Construction work is currently in progress to build a subway line under 2 Avenue.
Photos taken March 2013.
East 96 Street ends at the FDR Drive. Take the first right to go south or the second left to go north.
Photos taken March 2013.

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