Henry Hudson Parkway

Southern Terminus:
West Side Highway (NY 9A) in Manhattan
Northern Terminus:
Saw Mill Parkway at the Bronx-Westchester county line
10.95 miles
New York, Bronx

The Henry Hudson Parkway is a major north/south route on the West Side of Manhattan. The West Side Highway (NY 9A) becomes the Henry Hudson Parkway in the vicinity of West 72 Street. It runs north along through Riverside Park along the Hudson River to the northern end of Manhattan. There, it crosses the Harlem River to the Bronx on the Henry Hudson Bridge. The parkway continues a short distance through the Bronx to Westchester. At the Bronx-Westchester county line, it ends and becomes the Saw Mill Parkway.

The Henry Hudson Parkway is designated NY 9A for most of its length. NY 9A is routed along the parkway from its southern terminus until Broadway (US 9) in the Bronx. At this point, NY 9A leaves the parkway and is multiplexed with US 9 along Broadway into Westchester.

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