Henry Hudson Parkway
Northbound Views (Archived)
These old signs used to mark exits 13-14 from the northbound Henry Hudson Parkway. They have been replaced.
Photos taken November 2011.
What is now exit 16 was originally an unnumbered exit.
Photo taken November 2011.
These pictures show the Henry Hudson Bridge and its approach as it appeared before cashless tolling.
Photos taken November 2011.
These old signs, many of which were button-copy signs, used to mark exits 17-24 in the Bronx. They have all been replaced. There are also some old route shields for the parkway in the mix. Before New York City instituted its own style of parkway signage, the Henry Hudson Parkway uses a green and white state route shield like the parkways in Westchester County.
Photos taken November 2011.
The advisory speed limit for exit 24 has been raised from 25 MPH to 45 MPH.
Photo taken October 2017.