FDR Drive

Northbound Views

The FDR Drive begins at West Street (NY 9A) in Downtown Manhattan. It runs through a tunnel called the Battery Park Underpass. Exit 1, located immediately after emerging from the tunnel, is for South Street.
Photo taken July 2012.
Exit 2 is for the Brooklyn Bridge. The FDR Drive narrows down to a single northbound lane as it passes under the bridge.
Photos taken August 2009.
Exit 5 is for Houston Street.
Photos taken August 2007.
Exit 7 is for East 20 Street and East 23 Street.
Photos taken August 2007.
Exit 8 is for East 34 Street and the Midtown Tunnel (I-495).
Photos taken July 2008.
Exit 9 is for East 42 Street.
Photos taken July 2008.
Exit 12 is for East 61 Street and Queensboro Bridge (NY 25).
Photos taken June 2011.
Exit 14 is for East 96 Street.
Photos taken June 2014.
Exit 17 is for the RFK Bridge (I-278). It is a left exit.
Photos taken 2013-2015.
Exit 18 is for the Willis Avenue Bridge and the Major Deegan Expressway (I-87). The FDR Drive ends at this point. The Harlem River Drive is straight ahead.
Photos taken August 2013.

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