Belt Parkway
Westbound Views (Archived)
These pictures show the Belt Parkway westbound as it appeared in 2005. The two drawbridges have been replaced, as have most of the signs.
Photos taken April 2005.
These pictures show the Belt Parkway westbound while construction work was in progress to replace the two drawbridges. At that time, only one of the bridges had yet been replaced.
Photos taken August 2014.
These pictures show the same area during a later stage of the construction. Traffic was routed over both of the new bridges, but there were still some lane shifts and temporary signage.
Photos taken September 2018.
A year later, the construction work was nearing completion.
Photos taken April 2019.
This exit gore sign for exit 6S has been removed.
Photo taken April 2019.
This sign for exit 3 has been removed.
Photo taken April 2019.
The New York State tourism sign on the right has been modified to bring it into compliance with federal regulations.
Photo taken September 2018.

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