Belt Parkway

Western Terminus:
Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (I-278) in Brooklyn
Eastern Terminus:
Cross Island Parkway and Southern Parkway at the Queens-Nassau county line
24.84 miles
Kings, Queens

The Belt Parkway runs through Brooklyn and southern Queens. It begins at the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (I-278) just north of the Verrazano Bridge. It has an interchange with the bridge just east of its western terminus. It then runs along the south shore of Brooklyn. Just after crossing the border into Queens, it merges with Conduit Boulevard (NY 27), and North Conduit Avenue (NY 27) and South Conduit Avenue (NY 27) become the service roads. The section in Queens provides access to John F. Kennedy International Airport. East of the airport, North Conduit Avenue (NY 27) and South Conduit Avenue (NY 27) split off from the Belt Parkway and runs to the east as Sunrise Highway (NY 27). At this point, the Belt Parkway curves to the north. At the Queens-Nassau border, it ends. When one reaches this point, one may choose to either cross the border into Nassau on the Southern Parkway or continue north in Queens on the Cross Island Parkway.

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