Cross Bronx Expressway, Webster Avenue, East Fordham Road, Boston Road, Boston Post Road, Main Street, Huguenot Street, South Main Street, North Main Street

Southern Terminus:
George Washington Bridge at the New York-New Jersey state line
Northern Terminus:
New York-Connecticut state line
21.69 miles
New York, Bronx, Westchester

US 1 is a major route running from Key West in Florida to the Canadian border in Maine. Prior to the construction of I-95, it was the main route along the East Coast. It enters New York from New Jersey on the George Washington Bridge. It runs through Manhattan and the Bronx on the Cross Bronx Expressway, multiplexed with I-95. In the Bronx, it splits off from I-95 and runs north along Webster Avenue and then east along East Fordham Road. Just east of the Bronx Parkway, East Fordham Road becomes Pelham Parkway, and US 1 turns to the north along Boston Road. Boston Road runs northeast to the Bronx-Westchester border, where it changes names to become Boston Post Road. US 1 runs along the shore through Westchester to the New York-Connecticut border. In New Rochelle and Port Chester, US 1 is called Main Street. There is also a short section in New Rochelle where the northbound lanes are called Main Street and the southbound lanes are called Huguenot Street.

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