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Eastbound Views
Vineyard Avenue runs northeast as a two-lane undivided road.
Photo taken November 2014.
Turn right onto Milton Avenue to stay on US 44/NY 55.
Photos taken November 2014.
Milton Avenue runs east through Highland as a two-lane undivided road.
Photos taken November 2014.
Milton Avenue ends here at US 9W. Turn left to go north or right to go south. Eastbound US 44/NY 55 is multiplexed with southbound US 9W for a short distance beginning here.
Photos taken November 2014.
After about half a mile, US 44/NY 55 splits off from US 9W and runs east toward the Hudson River. There is a cashless tolling gantry before crossing the Mid-Hudson Bridge.
Photos taken 2017-2022.
The Mid-Hudson Bridge is a suspension bridge across the Hudson River from Highland to Poughkeepsie. It has three lanes with no divider. The middle lanes is reversible.
Photos taken April 2017.
East to Dutchess County