Wellwood Avenue, Pinelawn Road

Southern Terminus:
New York Avenue in Lindenhurst
Northern Terminus:
Walt Whitman Road in Melville
7.18 miles

CR 3 is a north/south route that runs from Lindenhurst to Melville. It is known as Wellwood Avenue in the Town of Babylon and as Pinelawn Road in the Town of Huntington. Wellwood Avenue exists as a local street in Lindenhurst, beginning at a dead end at Great South Bay and running north to a grade-separated interchange with Sunrise Highway (NY 27). A few blocks south of the interchange at New York Avenue, it comes under county maintenance and takes on the CR 3 designation. It runs north, changing names at the town line to become Pinelawn Road. In Melville, it crosses the Long Island Expressway (I-495). There is no exit for Pinelawn Road, but it can be accessed through the service roads. North of the expressway, Pinelawn Road runs northwest to Broad Hollow Road (NY 110). One block thereafter, it ends at Walt Whitman Road.

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