Westbound Views
Welcome to Lackawanna County! Exit 8 is for PA 247 and Mount Cobb Road (PA 348).
Photos taken March 2015.
Exit 4 is for I-380 south. Straight ahead, I-380 north is multiplexed with I-84 for its last few miles to I-81.
Photos taken March 2015.
A long ramp carries I-84 through its interchange with I-380.
Photos taken March 2015.
Northbound I-380 merges in from the left.
Photo taken March 2015.
Exit 1 is for Tigue Street. I-84 and I-380 then end at I-81. Bear left to go south or right to go north. There is also an unnumbered exit for the Lackawanna Valley Industrial Highway (US 6) east.
Photos taken 2013-2022.