New Jersey Turnpike, George Washington Bridge
Southbound Lower Level Views
The George Washington Bridge crosses the Hudson River from New York to New Jersey. On the lower level, there are small overhead signs for the exits on the other side of the bridge.
Photos taken May 2016.
Welcome to New Jersey! I-95 is known as the New Jersey Turnpike beginning here. The exits at its northern end are a continuation of the exit numbering scheme for the Bergen-Passaic Expressway (I-80), which begins a short distance ahead. The exits available to motorists coming off the lower level of the bridge are slightly different from those available at motorists coming off the upper level. Exits 73-74 are for Fletcher Avenue (US 9W), Lemoine Avenue (NJ 67), and the Palisades Parkway (NJ 445). Exit 72B is for US 1/US 9/US 46. Exit 72A is for NJ 4.
Photos taken May 2016.
The turnpike splits into two separate sets of lanes, the express lanes and the local lanes. The express lanes provide access to only the most major exits, while the local lanes provide access to all exits. This lane configuration only exists on the turnpike from here to the beginning of I-80, which also has express and local lanes. The lanes coming from the lower level of the bridge become the local lanes straight ahead. Bear left for a crossover to the lanes coming from the upper level, which become the express lanes.
Photo taken May 2016.